Peace, Peace (Jeremiah 6)

Listen Now Bible Songs by Grace Hope Gratitude Music About The verses of this song come from the book of Jeremiah, where the Weeping Prophet is warning the Israelites living in Judah to flee Jerusalem, because God’s wrath is about to come upon them. He blames the leaders of the people who falsely tell the …

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Apostles’ Creed

Listen Now Spiritual Songs by Grace Hope Gratitude Music About The Apostles’ Creed is a brief summary of the essentials of what Christians must believe in order to be Christians. Some have said that the apostles themselves came up with it themselves, but that’s not likely. Instead, the creed is now considered to be called …

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Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3)

Listen Now Bible Songs by Grace Hope Gratitude Music About Proverbs 3 I’ve always thought of as one of those verses you teach to children at an early age, it’s one of the fundamentals of the faith, a lesson that we need to sink in as deeply as possible. It covers faith and trust, warns …

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Bible Song Template

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Ruth’s Song

Listen Now Bible Songs by Grace Hope Gratitude Music One of perhaps the most famous stories in the Bible is the story of Ruth, the widow who followed her mother in law into a familiar country and culture. A pagan woman who chose to turn to God and in turn was rewarded with a husband …

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Ambivalent Praise Song

Listen Now Other Originals by Grace Hope Gratitude Music About A sacrifice of praise. What does that mean? It seems sometimes praising God requires a sacrifice. It’s not always easy to praise the Lord. It is good to praise God in times of happiness when we are happy and things are going well. But what …

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Boaz’s Song

Listen Now ´╗┐Bible Songs by Grace Hope Gratitude Music About Ruth and Boaz. It’s one of the most famous love stories in the Bible. And it is a love story, in more ways than one. Did Boaz love Ruth when he married her, and she him? Romantically, I mean, in the sense that most modern …

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