It’s Not Me, It is Christ

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Have you ever wondered what you would be if you lived in Germany during Nazi reign? Would you have been a victim, a Nazi, an ordinary citizen who looked the other way, or a hero who risked his/her life to save the lives of strangers?

Many people like to think they would have been a hero. But statistically and most likely, they would’ve been a Nazi or a citizen who looked the other way.

Even had they been a victim, what kind of victim would they be? One who turned bitter and depressed and hurt others to survive, or one who self-sacrificially (again) gave up his/her life to save the lives of others?

The point is, we tend to overestimate ourselves. We want to be “good people,” but we forget that the things we do that we think are good are often either a) not as good as we think they are, or b) motivated by selfishness, making the “goodness” part of the equation moot.

We think as long as we haven’t murdered anyone, we’re fine.

But we’re not. We don’t DO anything good, of our own will and volition. Our capacity for good is itself a gift from God, and when we actually do something approaching altruism, it’s not of our own accord, our strength. God is the one who allows us to “will and do His good pleasure.”


If today I treat you nice, please don’t thank me
If I give you sound advice, do not praise me
If in anything I shine, all the credit is not mine
I don’t act for you to see, I act for He lives in me

If I share with you a gift, don’t applaud me
If I win a modest prize, do not laud me
If I demonstrate success, that is grace in great excess
Do not turn your eyes to me, let them turn to Christ, for He

Is the only one to whom should be the glory
He’s the only one who deftly writes each story
It’s not false humility, for the sake of you and me
Do not praise me, let us only worship Christ our king

It’s not me, it is Christ, all His doing, none of mine,
I just agree to His prompting and His will
It’s not easy, but that’s life, learning how to grow in Christ
Where I fall so many times but get up still

If I speak of learned things, do not wonder
If you think that I am wise, that’s a blunder
For His spirit works inside, I could do naught if I tried
Don’t provoke my beastly pride, let me just in Him abide

Do not envy me my life, you won’t like it
It is full of pain and strife, just like yours is
I just hope that with each pain, comes the chance for us to gain
Some more living Christ inside, for that’s why He came to die

It’s not us, it’s His pow’r, all His doing, none of ours,
We just concede to His prompting and His will
With His life we daily fill, die to self and to self-will
Where we fall, but by His grace we get up, still

Related Bible Verses

Isaiah 64:6

All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.

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