This is a list of books and resources that we use and find particularly helpful.

Reading Lists

The Story of the Entire Bible

Resources & Trainings for Bloggers/Musician

These are the resources tools used to create this site! See the full descriptions here, or click on individual links below to be taken to indidvidual tool web pages.

  • SiteGround (web host)
  • MailerLite (mail program)
  • Restrict Content Pro (plugin)
  • Audiobox (audio interface)
  • Apple iPad
  • Adobe Creative Suite (graphic design)
  • (microphone)
  • Studio One (audio software)
  • Audacity (freeware)
  • Successful Writer (online writing course)
  • Writers Ignited (library course + annual writing challenge)
  • TribeWriters (blog training program)

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