Support Grace Hope Gratitude Music

The best way to support us is to listen to our music, tell friends who you think may enjoy or benefit from the music, and most importantly, please keep us in your prayers! But if you’d like to do anything more beyond that, here are some options:


If you’d like to make a one-time or irregularly timed donations to help us keep the lights on at Grace Hope Gratitude Music, please use this button. As well-wishers, you have our gratitude, with the knowledge that you are helping to keep the music coming ~ Thank you!


If you’d like to support us regularly, become a patron at $7/month and get not only our deepest thanks, but also access to our private phone app, where you can listen to all our songs whenever you wish. Plus! You also get access to other gifts & bonuses. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


Why “angels”? In part, because you are a kind of “angel investor” and a “messenger from God” that will help us keep this music, going for many years to come (God willing). At $140/month, you get access to all patron perks, plus have a song written for/dedicated specifically to you each month. Thank you!