When My Eyes Are on the Shepherd

Did you know? Sheep are nearly completely defenseless creatures. If attacked, all they can do is run, and they can’t even do THAT very quickly.

That’s why it’s so important for sheep to have good shepherds. Sheep without protective, caring shepherds are constantly in danger of predators, disease, and death. But when a good shepherd is nearby, sheep can stop worrying about survival and peacefully eat their grass, drink their water, and do whatever else it is that sheep do in peace.*

Human beings are similar. We like to think we are very powerful and capable, but we’re really more like sheep: defenseless against accidents, natural disasters, betrayals, disease, etc.

Every day it’s a miracle that we survive with our lives and emotions intact. As a psychologist once said: The strange thing is not that people have depression and anxiety. The strange thing is that they DON’T, considering how many potential disasters are waiting around every corner.

But everyone to a greater or lesser degree DOES experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. What do we do then? Remember that we have a Shepherd watching out for us. Keep our eyes on him. And then peacefully eat our grass, drink our water, and do whatever else it is that we do 🙂

Song Background

I first came up with this song idea when reading a line in A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. It read: “When the sheep sees its shepherd, that is peace.” (paraphrased) And it struck me that this was a very good line to commemorate in song. Hence, this song:


When my eyes are on my master, that is peace
When I fix my eyes upon Him, I’m at peace
No more selfish aims and striving, no more never-quite-arriving
When I see His face is shining, that is peace

May my eyes stay on my master and not fly to those around me
For the first shall be the last, as we shall see
Keep my focus on the shepherd as I follow close His leading
And I’ll gladly go where He chooses to be.

La la la…


*My limited knowledge of sheep husbandry comes from the book: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

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