Why is the Night

Does it ever feel like night is endless? Figuratively, I mean. That the awful situation you are in will last forever? I’ve been in such a situation for years on end. It HAS gotten better, but often feels only like variations of darkness. Dawn feels like it’s close, yet still unbearably far…

Related Bible Verses

Psalm 30:5 

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Song Notes

Not sure when this song came to me, before or after I got sick. Probably after. I was just blanking out and the melody came and then like most songs I only got part of it, forgot it for a long while, and came back to finish it. A gentle lament. One of my better melodies.


Why is the sky so dark? Why are the clouds so gray?
Why does it seem this rain, this rain, cannot be kept away?
Why is the night so long? When will the daylight break?
How am I to go on, go on, when I can’t see the way?

I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the rescue of the light
Waiting for the One who can and will restore my sight, oh
I don’t know when I will find Him or just how much time
I have left before I go, I have left before it’s over

Maybe, maybe, maybe I must do more in this fight
Maybe not give up so easily trying to make things right, and
Maybe He will not or cannot come until that time
When I’ve tried all that I can, when I’ve died and died again

Still the sky seems so dark, still the clouds are so gray
Still it seems that the rain, the rain, cannot be kept away
Still the night is so long, daybreak so far away
How am I to keep going on, waiting just for that day…for that day?

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